2019 Agenda


etc. venues 155 Bishopsgate, London. 22nd March 2019

08.00 – 09.00

Registration and Coffee sponsored by Windward


08.20 – 09.00

P&I Club Breakfast Briefing: Trends, Threats & Opportunities

This panel will discuss the key changes in the P&I club world in the year following the last Marine Insurance London conference and which of these developments may be viewed not as isolated events, but rather as part of broader emerging trends in today’s marine insurance market. The panel will also discuss how these identified trends present challenges, opportunities or both to the P&I market from the perspective of the club and the member. The panel will look at the strategies to use to either confront or take advantage of these trends. Also being discussed are the trends the panel believes may be just over the horizon.  

Moderator: Jason Waguespack, Managing Director, Galloway, Johnson, Tompkins, Burr & Smith

Dorothea Ioannou, Chief Commercial Officer, The American Club

Simon Williams, Deputy Chief Underwriting Officer, Britannia Club

Paul Jennings, Chief Executive, North of England P&I Club (Group Chairman IG Group)

Simon Swallow, Chief Executive, The Shipowners’ Club


09.00 – 09.10

Marine Insurance London 2019 Welcome Address

Chris Jones, Director of Legal and Market Services, International Underwriting Association of London (IUA)


09.10 – 09.40

Mr Neal will be talking about his first few months in his new post, the challenges and opportunities facing Lloyd’s and the work his team has carried out so far on developing a long-term vision to ensure the future health of the market. He will also talk about the recent performance review work carried out by Lloyd’s, with a particular focus on the marine class and what it means for that market.

John Neal, Chief Executive Officer, Lloyd’s of London


09.40 – 10.30

Panel Discussion: Doing Business with the London Market

A key goal for the London marine market is to increase the flow of business from around the world. So, what do current shipowners, cargo handlers and logistics experts think of the current state of play when it comes to doing business with the historic global marine insurance hub? What are the current pain points of being insured in the London market? And how does the London market compare with the rest of the world for placing marine risks? Panellists will explore where the challenges and opportunities lie in this session; an invaluable chance to hear honest, actionable feedback straight from marine insurance buyers.

Moderator: Adrian Ladbury, Director, Commercial Risk Europe

Andreas Bisbas, Director of Tsakos Shipping (London) Ltd, Tsakos Shipping Ltd

Lars Henneberg, Vice President, Head of Risk Management, A.P. Møller-Mærsk

May Jensen, Director – Risk Management, The CSL Group Inc


10.30 – 10.50

Keynote Address : Dynamic Portfolio Management

The exponential growth of data creates huge opportunities for the insurance market to take a more proactive approach to how they manage risk and in turn, improve profitability. Relying on ‘gut feel’ and experience, however, is no longer enough. Harnessing data through technology will undoubtedly become the market’s super power and enable businesses to guarantee its future. Inspired by other markets, Andy discusses these technologies and how a Dynamic Portfolio Management Approach could be a game changer for the industry by automatically analysing large volumes of historical and real-time data from multiple sources in a single view, within minutes, forensically uncovering new, client specific, insights, segmenting portfolios to better understand and price risk and using data for real-time and active risk management.

Andy Yeoman, Chief Executive Officer, Concirrus


10.50 – 11.15

Morning Coffee sponsored by Hill Dickinson


11.15 – 11.35

Keynote Address: Brexit

Brexit has potentially huge implications for Britain’s international trade in goods and services. What are UK insurers doing to cope with the ramifications of leaving the EU? Will EU customers continue to buy insurance in the London market? What would trade disruption mean for marine insurers?


Richard Turner, President, IUMI


Case Study: Off-Spec Bunkers

Given the recent – and continuing – spate of major problems suffered by vessels bunkering in the US Gulf and now spread elsewhere, we will look at the technical cause(s) behind these failures’ implications for insurers and appropriate loss prevention measures that can be taken. We will also look at how this affects the various insurance covers Owners have or should have and the remedies, if available, to Owners, P&I Clubs and H&M Underwriters. We will also look at how the impending 0.5% Sulphur cap might affect matters.

John Poulson, Principal Surveyor, Atlantic Marine Associates, Inc.


11.35 – 12.15

Broker/ Underwriter Question Time

This expert panel of insurers and brokers will answer pre-submitted questions from the market. Some of the leading figures responsible for covering risks in marine insurance will give their views on the set questions. The delegates in attendance will also get their chance to answer the questions. Questions can be submitted in advance to [email protected] or can be asked on the day.

Moderator: James Livett, Associate Director, Liiba

Participants: Kristof De Bremme, Global Head of Marine, AIG

Lee Meyrick, Chief Executive Officer, Global Marine, AON Risk Solutions

Simon Schnorr, Global Head of Marine, StarStone

Andrew Wright, Global Managing Director, Marine & Aviation, MS Amlin


Claims Open Forum

This expert panel of claims professionals will answer pre-submitted questions from the market. Some of the leading figures responsible for covering claims in marine insurance will give their views on the set questions. The delegates in attendance will also get their chance to answer the questions. Questions can be submitted in advance to [email protected] or can be asked on the day.

Moderator: Julian Clark, Global Head of Shipping, Hill Dickinson LLC

Participants: Captain Ajaz Peermohamed, Vice President Claims, Gard

Richard Bailey,Technical Authority, Hull & Machinery Services, LOC Group

Jenna Hales, Assistant Claims Manager, International Markets – Marine & Energy, QBE

David Keyes, Executive Director – Head of Marine Shipowners Claims, Willis Towers Watson


12.15- 13.05

Lunch sponsored by Galloway, Johnson, Tompkins, Burr & Smith


12.40- 13.00

Presenter: Henrik Uth, Managing Director, SYVR

Digitalization of Marine Surveys – Dream or Reality?

Marine risks are complex and surveys, be they pre-risk, condition or damage surveys, are today managed manually and executed as they have been for hundred of years. The marine underwriter pain points of today are not being addressed fully, with a potential outcome of wrongly managed claims. With the various emerging technologies and trends in-play, is a solution coming to the rescue from the digital space?



Keynote Address: Digitalisation

In recent years, technology has enabled organisations to significantly increase their understanding of the maritime domain. AIS and new data sources mean there are vast amounts of information on the oceans. Analysis of this information has application for broking and underwriting risk, loss prevention, claims and compliance. Digitally empowering the insurer can deepen understanding of risk, augment decision-making, deliver efficiency to the underwriting process and ultimately boost profitability. So, how do we do it?

Nick Maddalena,Windward Head of Insurance Business, Windward


Keynote Address: The Impact of Changing the Claims Servicing Model

Having a more customer-focused outlook affects claims and impacts the future of the claims servicing model, the workforce and talent within the market. A change in the claims servicing model and the use of technology will impact the behaviour, approach, structure and skills of a claims team and claims professionals in the London market. We need to pro-actively address how we support the market’s workforce to adapt, whilst considering how we attract outside industry talent, how that talent is acquired to help inside industry resource to re-skill or up-skill, in addition to how existing resources can be re-deployed and re-focused.

Lee Elliston, Claims Director, Lloyd’s Market Association



Panel Discussion: Making Cyber Simple

Recent large-scale cyber attacks such as WannaCry and NotPetya have shone light on how disruptive a cyber attack can be for a global shipping company. But are the marine cyber insurance products out there fit for purpose, and do they really differ from a standard cyber liability policy? Alternatively, should the marine market shoulder the cost of cyber attacks on their insured? This panel will discuss the issues around insuring cyber risk at shipping companies and whether the marine insurance market is keeping up with new exposures related to the rise of autonomous vessels. 

Moderator: Catrin Shi, Managing Editor, Insurance Insider

Charles Fernandez, Head of Marine Liability and Hull, Canopius

Peter Broadhurst, Senior Vice President Safety and Security, Inmarsat Maritime

Lars Henneberg, Vice President, Head of Risk Management, A.P. Møller-Mærsk

Kelly Malynn, Senior Risk Manager, Beazley Group


Be Prepared : Don’t Get Beaten by the Litigation Game

This session will look at the importance of having an expert witness. Join us to see just what can happen if your witness does not hold up during a live, mock cross examination, with Julian Clark playing the part of the witness being cross examined by Yash Kulkarni QC. Our expert panel will teach you how to be best prepared for a trial as they describe some of their own experiences. Some of the discussion points our panel will cover include: Evidence is King, Legal Cost vs Benefit and Alternative Ways to Settle Disputes.

Participants: Julian Clark, Global Head of Shipping, Hill Dickinson LLP

Afrodite Dellaporta, Legal Department Manager, A.M. Nomikos Transworld Maritime Agencies S.A

Daniel Tadros, Partner, Chaffe McCall LLP

Yash Kulkarni QC, Quadrant Chambers

Elina Souli, Vice President – FD&D Manager, The American Club



Panel Discussion: Broking and Underwriting Under 35’s – Looking to the Future

For a market over 330 years old, the next ten years may well be the most transformative in its entire history. And shaping this transformation will be the new talent we attract to the market today. How inspired are they about the future of this market? What needs to change to make the London marine market a more attractive, diverse and inclusive place to work? Crucial factors such as career progression and the impact of technology on job roles will come under the spotlight. This panel promises to offer a refreshing perspective on the future of our historic market at a pivotal moment in its development. What will marine broking and underwriting look like in 2030?

Moderator: Heather Clarkson, Managing Director Marine, Ed Broking


Sophie Hutchison, Deputy Marine Liability Underwriter, Antares Underwriting

Hugh Selka, Underwriter, Tokio Marine Kiln

Ben Stone, Associate Director – Commercial Risk Solutions, Aon


Panel Discussion: Marine Claims Under 35’s – The Future of Claims

As innovative new technology such as the Internet of Things and blockchain continue to take hold in the marine market, there are more real time data points on a ship available to risk managers and claims handlers than ever before. But at the same time, emerging and evolving risks such as cyber and the increasing prevalence of mega ships also have the potential to make the claims landscape more complex and interlinked than in the past. On top of this, electronic claims handling initiatives in the London market have attracted both praise and controversy in equal measure. This exciting panel will explore how these dynamics could play out over the next five to ten years.

Moderator: Lee Elliston, Claims Director, LMA

Panellists: Amy Dallaway, Senior Marine Claims Director, MSAmlin

Alex Greene, Assistant Claims Director, Seascope

Andrew Slade, Director, Richards Hogg Lindley

Robert Tomlinson, Senior Marine Claims Adjuster, Gard



Questions for the Market

Inmarsat, the world’s leading mobile satellite operator, will host an interactive session on the state of digitalisation in marine insurance, its impact on the connected ship and the sector in general, and current trends in the use of IoT and its impact on insurance.

Moderator: Mark Warner, Head of Marketing Communications – Maritime Unit, Inmarsat


Questions for the Market

In this session, members of the audience will be asked to vote

Moderator: TBC


15.00 – 15.20

Afternoon Coffee sponsored by AdvantageGo


15.20 – 15.40

Keynote Address: Failure is Not an Option When it Comes to Your Next Digital Project


Historically the Insurance Industry has a long list of failing IT projects, especially when it comes to replacing legacy policy and claims administration systems. The next five years will bring more changes to the industry than ever before and failing a strategic IT project might result in the company being unable to compete with the future efficiency and innovation requirements in the industry. A modern Core Insurance Solution with open APIs is the enabler of adapting quickly to market changes like machine learning, new products, automation and analytics. Ronny Reppe has 20 years of experience working with these issues and will talk about pitfalls and different strategies for a successful transition.

Ronny Reppe, Chief Executive Officer, Noria Insurance Solutions


15.40 – 16.20

Panel Discussion: Aggregation – The Unknown Known

Global trade is extremely interconnected as companies have built-up extended supply chains spanning the world and as a result, the maritime industry, which is at the heart of this trade, is facing increasing connected business exposure from a variety of threats such as geopolitics, terrorism, weather, business interruption and product recall. This exposure, which is insured and further reinsured within the global insurance industry, can quickly aggregate and it is this exposure aggregation which is of concern to (re)insurers and their clients. This panel discusses the current trend in exposure aggregation and what the industry should be doing to address the needs.

Moderator: Jon Guy, Freelance Journalist

Panellists: Howard Kingston, Global Head of Marine – Commercial Insurance, Zurich Insurance Company

Nicola Linguerri, Head Underwriting Centre Marine, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions

Adrian McCourt, Group Chief Engineer, Munich Re Syndicate Limited

Jim McDonald, Chief Underwriting Officer, Marine and Energy, SCOR

Suki Basi, Managing Director, Russell Group


16.20 – 16.40

Presentation – Digital Marine Insurance Platforms & Emerging Ecosystems

A constantly evolving digital ecosystem is reshaping the marine industry. For example, navigation systems track vessels/cargo, the IoT is helping insurers and seafarers better identify opportunities and risks, and cyber protection is increasingly important. To capture and effectively manage these new sources of data, marine insurers require a modern and pre-integrated core suite. Such a suite should be automated and adaptive to today’s constantly changing conditions, with cloud and managed services capabilities. It must also offer straight-through processing across underwriting, billing, collection and claims. Integrating the digital ecosystems reshaping our industry to your marine insurance platform is key to success.

Presenter: Michael Rafic, Vice President – Business Development, Sapiens


16.40 – 17.20

Panel Discussion: Overcoming the Fear of Automation

The panel, comprising some of the most prominent Marine and Innovation professionals from brokers and insurers, will discuss and tackle the most important issues associated with the automation of specialty insurance, including the ‘fear’ which is brought about by the unknown and the resultant challenges affecting progress in the market. During this session, the panel will explore some of the key boardroom priorities that are driving the automation agenda, the business model opportunities enabled via by technologies. Most importantly, the panel will try to deal with some of the most complex challenges causing a general ‘fear’ of adoption, such as the practitioner resistance and lower than expected adoption rates, as well as the potential implications if companies and the Market do not find remedies.

Moderator: Ian Meadows, Director – Insurance, EY

Panellists: Michael Burle, Global Head of Marine Division, Liberty Specialty Markets

Simon Buxton, Global Head of Marine and Energy, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty

Fiona Sperry, Head of Complex Claims, QBE

Jonathan Prinn, Group Head of Broking, Ed Broking



Marine Insurance London 2019 Closing Remarks:

Chris Jones, Director of Legal and Market Services, International Underwriting Association of London (IUA)


17.25 – 18.00

Drinks Reception

Sponsored by Noria Insurance Solutions in the Galleria