Agenda - 8-10 December 2020

Marine Insurance London Online 2020

The event will run virtually from 8-10 December 2020


Tuesday 8th December


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Welcome Remarks: Daniel Creasey, Managing Director, Cannon Events Ltd


Panel Discussion: The Future at Lloyd’s Blueprint 2

This session will examine what the Future of Lloyd’s Blueprint 2 could mean for marine insurance. Delegates will hear views from an experienced insurer, a member of the under 35’s and a claims broker. Blueprint 2 is a bold vision – what challenges lie ahead?

Moderator: Neil Roberts, Head of Marine Underwriting, Lloyd’s Market Association 

Speakers: Melis Otmar, Claims Director, BMS Group 

Stuart Newcombe, Active Underwriter, Munich Re Innovation Syndicate 

George Tsavliris, Non-Executive Chairman, Oneglobal Greece and Cyprus 

Hugh Selka, Underwriter Marine & Special Risks, Tokio Marine Kiln


Networking Session

During this time, a peer-to-peer networking session will take place.





Presentation: The Technology Trends Most Affecting Marine Insurance in the Next Five Years

Presentation: How Can the Uncertainty be Taken out of Salvage?

Entering 2021, most agree that the industry will change rapidly in the next five to seven years. Technology trends such as automation, analytics and IoT, and business trends such as insurance on demand and ecosystem distribution will all affect the industry, but it’s when you put them together that it becomes really interesting.

Managing expectations and providing a degree of certainty is what sets salvage companies apart. Activity in the sector has been disrupted over the last nine months. How are things likely to change going forwards, with possible restrictions on movement and people thus creating increased time-based costs?

Presenter: Ronny Reppe, Chief Executive Officer, Noria Insurance Solutions 

Presenter: Berend Jan Zonneveld, Global Operations Director, Smit Salvage


Presentation: Stay Ahead of Sanctions

Presentation: Your Sustainable Profitability, Powered by Insurtech


The threat of sanctions looms large over the marine insurance industry. Windward will talk about how behavioural analytics and the creation of vessel operational profiles not only provides a deeper understanding of casualty risk, but also enables insurers to stay on the right side of the law in 2021 and beyond.

Steep peaks and troughs in the maritime insurance market have proved an industry-killer. Businesses are suffering due to policies that are both more expensive and offer increasingly narrower coverage. Fortunately, Insurtech is finally moving into the maritime spot freight market—providing relief and fresh approaches. Data from existing platforms combined with predictive analytics is powering the granular underwriting necessary to deliver dynamic pricing and instant, pay-as-you-go coverage—all while increasing margins and protecting cash flow

Speaker: Ross Davis, Commercial Director for Maritime and Insurance, Windward

Presenter: Johnny McCord, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Loadsure


Panel Discussion: Understanding and Managing Geopolitical Risk in the Marine Industry

Panel Discussion: Container Ship Fires

International conflict, violence and war are key international drivers of geopolitical risk, but closer to home these interlinked risks often emanate from a combination of trade and economic policy change, climate and new regulations, to name but a few. Geopolitical risk impacts all parts of all organisations. This session will look at how to get to grips with this increasingly tough challenge.

By the end of the 40 minute panel discussion delegates will be able to:

1. Describe different methodologies of assessing geopolitical risk

2. Identify the impact of the U.S foreign policy in various regions

3. Specify how sanctions are impacting marine insurers

Major fires on container ships are among the worst hazards for shipping and open the door for huge claims. Is endlessly increasing firefighting capabilities going to get to the route of the problem?

Would a standardised cargo price reduce mis-declaration and therefore overall losses on container ships?


By the end of the 40 minute panel discussion delegates will be able to:

1. List current ways of identifying, locating and suppressing container fires

2. Identify means of auditing cargo fires

3. Describe findings of the NCB (National Cargo Bureau) report on containership fires


Moderator: Neal Croft, Global Client Relationship Director, Willis Towers Watson

Speakers: Freddy Furulund, Director of Security and Contingency, DNK 

Neil Roberts, Head of Marine Underwriting, Lloyd’s Market Association

Richard Young, Head of Hull and War, Beazley

Frédéric Denèfle, Managing Director, Garex  

Moderator: Shelley Chapelski, Partner Norton Rose Fulbright LLP

Speakers: Simon Hodgkinson, Global Head of Loss Prevention, West of England P&I Club

Patrick Hudson, Practice Leader, Marine, Envista Forensics

Ian Lennard, President, National Cargo Bureau 

James Douglas, Chief Executive Officer, EXIS Technologies 



Networking – End of Day One



Wednesday 9th December


Delegates Join Online Meeting Using Credentials Provided at Registration


Welcome Remarks: Daniel Creasey, Managing Director, Cannon Events Ltd


Opening Keynote Address: How Digitalisation is Empowering a Virtual Marine Insurance Community

A virtual tour of the world of marine insurtech 2020, exploring the technology adopted by key players in the market and understanding how they’re using it to improve efficiency, reduce loss ratios and develop new products and services.

By the end of the 20 minute presentation delegates will be able to:

1. Summarise the key challenges the marine insurance industry has faced during the last 12 months

2. Identify processes that have been automated within the sector through the adoption of technology

3. List the three stages of digitalisation within marine insurance and the associated benefits

4. Define where their organisation is on their digital journey and identify what they need to do to move to the next stage

Mark Phillips, Head of Sales, Concirrus 


Panel Discussion: What is the Role of the Broker in the 21st Century?

This panel will focus on how brokers will add value in the new world of digitalisation and ask if marine insurers are currently providing appropriate products for their clients. It will also touch on the skills that brokers should attain to improve their client interaction. 

By the end of the 45 minute panel discussion delegates will be able to:

1. Summarise how much the role of a broker has evolved in the 10 past years 

2. List some of the services brokers will provide in the future

3. Define what they think the role of the broker is in the 21st Century

4. Describe how E-trading might affect the Marine Insurance sector

Moderator: James Livett, Associate Director, London and International Insurance Brokers’ Association

Speakers: Michael Burle, Global Head of Marine Division, Liberty Specialty Markets 

Iain Henstridge, Head of Hull, Apollo Underwriting 

Louise Nevill, Chief Executive Officer, U.K Marine and Cargo, Marsh JLT Specialty 

Patrick Jordan, Head of Marine, Ed Broking 


Networking Session

During this time, a peer-to-peer networking session will take place.





Panel Discussion: Changing with the Times?

Panel Discussion: Sulphur 2020

Is the shipping world changing so much that insurers are increasingly looking like an 18th Century business dressed in an 21st Century suit?

By the end of the 50 minute panel discussion delegates will be able to:

1. Describe how the shipping industry has changed

2. Identify processes, products and services provided to the shipping industry by insurers have changed

3. Measure the right balance between human and technological innovation in the insurance journey from placement to claims resolution

4. Identify what the insurance sector could be investing in to meets the demands of its clients.

12 months into the dawn of Sulphur 2020, what impact has it had? How is it being enforced in different jurisdictions? Have there been many claims? Is there enough low-sulphur fuel available? How has Covid-19 affected the initiative?

By the end of the 40 minute panel discussion delegates will be able to:

1. Identify Issues with Fuel Blends

2. Specify disparity of enforcement between different regions

3. Describe how Covid-19 has impacted Sulphur 2020


Moderator: Simon Jackson, Partner, Clyde & Co

Speakers: Amy Dallaway, Claims Manager, Brit Insurance

Stefan Schrijnen, Chief Commercial Officer, Insurwave

Sean Dalton, Head of Marine Underwriting North America, Munich Re

Gregory Thomas, Chief Business Develoment Officer, Skuld

Moderator: Jos Standerwick, Chief Executive Officer, Maritime London

Speakers: Daisy Rayner, Claims Manager for Europe and Africa, The Shipowners’ Club 

Øystein Kirchner Gjerding, Vice President, Head of Claims, Skuld

Mark Smith, Loss Prevention Executive, North of England P&I Club


Keynote Address: Space Technology Applications in Marine Insurance

Keynote Address: Marine Insurance Claims: Hot Topics in 2020

This presentation will demonstrate how space technology such as satellite tracking, Earth observation and other emerging technologies are transforming the insurance industry. Skytek will provide a demonstration of its space-adapted Marine Aggregate Tool suite, designed to provide near real-time data to enhance underwriting and risk management practice within the re/insurance industry

Poonam Melwani QC gives an overview of the key marine insurance cases of 2020 and looks ahead to what 2021 may hold.


Speaker: Sarah Bourke, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Skytek

Christian Silies, Head of Marine, Energy, Composite, AON Reinsurance Solutions

Speaker: Poonam Melwani QC, Barrister, Quadrant Chambers


Networking – End of Day Two



Thursday 10th December


Delegates Join Online Meeting Using Credentials Provided at Registration


Welcome Address: Kitack Lim, Secretary-General, International Maritime Organisation


Opening Keynote Address: Update IMO 2020 and IMO Green House Gas Stratedgy

The keynote will discuss the implementation of IMO 2020 and the status of negotiations on green house gas reduction matters..

Presenter: Roel Hoenders, Head of Air Pollution and Energy Efficiency, Maritime Environment Division, International Maritime Organisation


Panel Discussion: Emerging Risks: Brave New World – Time for an Innovative Response

The insurance sector needs to respond to this fluid-risk landscape with innovative solutions and services to retain its relevance. This is not time to raise the drawbridge and stick to the tried and tested methods and coverages. Customers need bespoke, reactive and flexible solutions based on cutting-edge data analysis and real-time risk assessment.

By the end of the 50 minute panel discussion delegates will be able to:

1. Identify what challenges the ‘Fluid Risk Landscape presents to marine insurers, brokers and ship owners

2. Describe how well the marine insurance industry is geared up to foster innovative responses  to the challenges of emerging risks?

3. Explain what innovation in the sector looks like

4. List some of the dangers for marine insurers if they do not innovate

Moderator: Richard Banks, Director, Industry Research – EMEA, AM Best 

Speakers: Tim Pembroke, Director of Marine, QBE

David Cox, Chief Executive Officer, MatthewsDaniel

Lee Meyrick, Co-Lead Global Specialties and Chief Executive Officer Marine, Global Marine, AON

Howard Kingston, Global Head of Marine – Commercial Insurance, Zurich Insurance


Networking Session

During this time, a peer-to-peer networking session will take place.





15.40-16.30: Panel Discussion: Social Responsibility & Sustainability in the Marine Sector

15.40-16.05: Case Study: Brillante Virtuoso –

A fraudulent conspiracy [seemingly], unprecedented in nature and scale.”

First advanced as a loss by Somali piracy attack off Aden in July 2011, we will look at some of the key steps in unravelling the fraud which led the Commercial Court to conclude in clear terms that there was no attack on the vessel, but rather a concerted effort by the owners (amongst others) to pursue a fraudulent insurance claim for US$85m on London market war risks insurers. In addition to the remarkable facts of the claim, we will highlight some important principles on the scope of the standard war risks perils.

Shipping companies, financiers, insurers and brokers are increasingly looking at how they can work in a more socially responsible manner. This panel of experts will discuss how insurers and financiers are laying the foundations to make socially responsibly led decisions an absolute within their business’. Is the well known phrase ‘Principles are alright as long as you can afford them’ relevant when talking about the marine sector? Or can you simply not afford to overlook principles?

By the end of the 50 minute panel discussion delegates will be able to:

1. Identify how brokers and Insurers can work in a socially responsible manner to facilitate change

2. Explain how carbon emissions are changing the global supply chain

3. Describe how banks and insurers are facilitating change withing shipping to reduce carbon emissions

Chris Zavos, Partner, Kennedys

16.05-16.30: Presentation: How US Courts Resolve Contradictory Terms in Shipping Documents, and How to Avoid Them

Moderator: Demian Smith, Managing Director, Head of Mutual, Agency and Captive Reinsurance Solutions, Guy Carpenter

Speakers: Lars Lange, Secretary General, IUMI 

Patrizia Kern-Ferretti, Head of Marine, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions 

Michael Parker, Chairman, Global Shipping, Logistics and Offshore, Citigroup 

Sylvain Gauden, Chief Underwriting Officer Marine & Energy, SCOR SE

Mark Church, Director and Head of Sustainability, North of England P&I Club

Galloway represented a client in GIC v. Freightplus, which was tried in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana and then appealed to the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appels. The dispute arose because two bills of lading were issued for the same cargo, one by the NVOCC and one by the actual carrier, but the terms did not match – including, critically, the discharge port. The cargo owner brought a claim for misdelivery and the Court had to determine if there was a true misdelivery and, if so, who was at fault.  The presentation outlines how U.S. courts resolve contradictory terms in shipping documents, and provides best practices to avoid finding yourself in this situation.

Presenter: Jason P. Waguespack, Managing Director, Galloway


Fireside Chat: International Group

Fireside Chat: Expediting Incident Resolution

Is the International Group providing a product that meets the current demands of the entire ship owning community?

Close cooperation between all relevant parties is crucial to successfully resolving incidents. Having the appropriate level of involvement between state parties and those representing owners is critical. This session will examine how SOSREP operates within the United Kingdom to ensure that incidents can be swiftly resolved in order to reduce further damages.

Participants: Marcus Baker, Global Head Marine and Cargo, Marsh JLT Specialty 

Nick Shaw, Chief Executive Officer, International Group of P&I Clubs

Participants: Stephan Hennig, The Secretary of State’s Representative, Her Majesty’s Government

Colin Barker, Director, TMC Marine

Jeff Lock, Global Technical Claims Director, Thomas Miller P&I (Europe) Ltd


Closing Remarks:Daniel Creasey, Managing Director, Cannon Events Ltd


Networking – End of Conference

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