22  March 2024, etc. venues’ 155 Bishopsgate, London



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Welcome Address: Daniel Creasey, Director, Cannon Events


Keynote Address: What the Year Might Hold – 2024 and the Geopolitical Threats Facing Global Shipping

As 2024 unfolds, the world appears to face unprecedented geopolitical instability and for the first time in decades, commercial shipping is a target. But not all apparent crises are real, while many might not affect shipping for years, if at all. What are the geopolitical crises that should be on the shipping sector’s radar this year?   

Presenter: Dr. Dominick Donald, Senior Advisor, Herminius


Panel Discussion: War Risks – Can the Market Learn More from the Past?

Insurers responded very well to the Russian invasion of Ukraine by providing cover and allowing trade to continue. Has it been the same for the Red Sea? Can the market learn from these events and do better?

Moderator: Neil Roberts, Head of Marine and Aviation, Lloyd’s Market Association

Panellists: Svein Ringbakken, Managing Director, Den Norske Krigsforsikring for Skib (DNK)

Stefan Schrijnen, Chief Commercial Officer, Insurwave

Deborah Shillabeer, Class Underwriter, Brit Insurance

Emma Russell, Group Head of War and Hull, Munich Re


Presentation: From Just in Time to Just in Case – What this Means for Hull Insurers

After the pandemic and subsequent supply chain nightmares, combined with the drive for greener solutions, we discuss how global trading patterns are changing and what that might mean for fleets and their insurers in the coming decades.

Presenter: Ilias Tsakiris, Chief Executive Officer, Hellenic Hull


Coffee and Networking in the Pre-Function Area


Fireside Chat: Can More be Done to Improve Human Rights at Sea?

The drive to improve human rights for all those working at sea has been ongoing for many years. In this session, we hear from David Hammond about his last decade’s work and how the conversation about workers’ rights has changed in the past few years.

Participants: David Hammond, Executive Director, Human Rights at Sea International and Founder, Human Rights at Sea

Danielle Datta, Group Secretariat, International Group of P&I Clubs


Presentation The Northwest Passage – Insuring Thin Ice

As climate change takes hold, the ice of the Northwest Passage is visibly thinning, providing new opportunities for trade routes. As James Vavasour explains, this is a huge area of interest for the maritime traders, particularly the Chinese who are looking for new ways to access their customers. We hear of the challenges and opportunities ahead for the insurance market as this becomes a viable option.

Presenter: James Vavasour, Business Stream Director Marine Warranty Survey, Global Maritime


Keynote Address: Can Politics and Shipping Mix?

Too often, the shipping sector is the victim of politics, from war to sanctions. Political volatility can play havoc with plans and result in massive claims for insurers. This keynote considers what insurers can change to drive the narrative and increase the understanding among politicians about the vital role shipping and its insurers play in keeping the world moving.

Presenter: Mike Salthouse, Head of External Affairs, NorthStandard


Panel Discussion: The F**** Word

The London marine claims market knows a scuttling when they see one. However, fighting these cases isn’t always what you know; it’s what you can prove in court. With millions of dollars and reputations at stake, insurers have to tread carefully when daring to mention ‘the F word’, but do we need to become braver in fighting fraudulent hull losses? What lessons have we learned from the past and what steps can be taken at the front end to ensure that the London market doesn’t keep insuring the same old suspects? This panel session of industry leaders will engage the audience in discussing this turbulent topic, seeking to find solutions to this ongoing and costly problem faced by the market.

Moderator: Charles Fernandez, Global Head of Marine, Canopius

Panellists: Jenna Hales, Marine Energy and Specialty Claims Manager, Hiscox

Alex Kemp, Partner, HFW

Paul Cunningham, Head of Marine Claims, Everest Insurance


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Panel Discussion: Adding Up the Risks




Presentation: You Suspect Fraud? Prove It!

This session will examine the practicalities of proving a claim is fraudulent in an English Court.   Using a fictious case-study, we will look at the key obstacles which marine insurers face on the way to proving that same claim is fraudulent in Court and consider some of the tools available to marine insurers and their legal advisers to overcome them.

Presenter: Nichola Warrender KC, Barrister, Quadrant Chambers

14.20-14.40: Presentation: Navigating the Green Horizon – Sustainable Ship Recycling in a Changing Landscape

Dive into the dynamics of sustainable ship recycling amidst shifting regulatory landscapes. ‘Navigating the Green Horizon’ sheds light on the profound impact of the green transition and regulatory shifts on the ship recycling industry, shaping decisions at every level. Uncover key practices for the industry, ensuring that shipping stakeholders sail confidently in this ever-changing maritime environment.

The need for more data in the shipping industry is undisputed. In this session, we consider the latest developments and how these might help insurers understand the true scale of their exposures and to avoid some of their growing accumulation risks. Can insurers use technology to track vessels, and also have greater visibility on sailing patterns and risk factors?

Presenter: Konstantinos Tsirikos, Director, DIDO Shipping Group

Moderator: Andy Yeoman, Chief Executive Officer, Concirrus

Panellists: Charles Haskell, Director, LR Maritime Decarbonisation Hub

Sigvald Fossum, Vice President, Head of Analytics, Gard

Nick Whitear, Marine War Underwriter, Canopius




Panel Discussion: P&I Update

Panel Discussion: FSO Safer – The Imperfect Storm

This session will outline and discuss the three biggest challenges and opportunities for P&I Insurance.

This session will discuss the FSO Safer and the prevailing winds that helped this rare case be planned, executed and completed. We listen to some of the parties closest to the operation talk through how the stars aligned to make this happen.

Moderator: Nick Shaw, Chief Executive Officer, International Group of P&I Clubs

Panellists: Tor Erik Andreassen, Board Director, ACPII P&I

Magne Nilsen, Chief Underwriting Officer, Gard

Simon Parrott, Underwriting Director, West of England P&I

Tord Nilsson, Head of Reinsurance, The Swedish Club

Moderator: Tom Walters, Partner, HFW

Panellists: Gill Martin, Divisional Director Marine Logistics Division, Howden Broking

Robert Meijer, Manager, Projects and Business Development, SMIT Salvage

Sundeep Khera, Master Mariner, Global CUO Marine Hull, Head of Marine, UK and Lloyd’s, AXA XL



Coffee and Networking in the Pre-Function Area


Case Study: A Victory for Insurers – Changing Market Practice on Mortgage Interest

Presentation: Navigating the Surge in Size of Container Ships

We look back at the Zouzou case, which was a victory for insurers and could change how mortgage interest insurance is handled going forward.

Recent years have seen a significant rise in the size of containerships, prompting proactive regulatory efforts by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). These regulations cover crew training, bridge design, lashing and securing systems, and fire-fighting systems. The upcoming session will explore the implications and significance of these measures, providing insights into how they address challenges in the evolving landscape of contemporary ship design and other related issues. Join us for an exploration of the impact and importance of these initiatives in the dynamic field of maritime transportation.

Presenter: Jonathan Evans, Partner, Kennedys

Presenter: Capt. Jorge Pecci, Director Marine Engineering, National Cargo Bureau


Panel Discussion: How do Sanctions Impact Leaders and Followers?

We have all been living with economic sanctions for some years as politicians often resort to financial weapons rather than war. However, as the world becomes ever more polarised politically, there are growing concerns that sanctions are splitting the insurance industry, too, making it difficult for some carriers to operate while others are free to do so. We take a look at some hypothetical examples.

Moderator: George Tsavliris, Non-Executive Chairman, Oneglobal Broking, Greece & Cyprus

Panellists: Mark Church, Head of FD&D Claims – Nordics & N.Europe/Head of Sanctions Advice, NorthStandard

Michael Serghi, Marine Claims Director, BMS Harris & Dixon Marine


Presentation: Should Leaders Charge for Oversight of Complex Claims?

In the summer of 2023, the limits for oversight under the Lloyd’s Complex Claims Scheme changed. With the limit rising to £2m before anyone other than the leader has oversight, there is more pressure on leaders. The question for this session is whether leaders charge an oversight fee, as done in the Scandinavian market.



Closing Remarks: Daniel Creasey, Director, Cannon Events


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