Melanie Buitendag

Melanie Buitendag
  • Associate Director Cargo
  • Company: Gallager

Melanie has 19 years’ experience, joining Gallagher in June 2011 to add value to the Specialist Cargo Team with a clear emphasis on expanding their US and International Portfolio. Since joining, Melanie has been at the forefront of a growing marine cargo team and has designed and implemented many new and innovative cargo/ stock throughput programs.
Melanie specializes in handling Stock Throughput Business, Global Cargo Stock Throughput Placements, Specialist Binders and other US Business where she developed a broad understanding of complex global stock and transit programs and the risks associated with goods moving along a supply chain.
Melanie’s qualifications to date include a BA in Corporate Communications and Cert CII.
Positioned in the heart of the team, Melanie’s role is to co-ordinate and service the various and diverse aspects of marine cargo insurance, with a specific focus on business development.
Melanie will be the first point of contact for all key matters regarding the cargo stock throughput placement and co-ordinates London placements.

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