Richard Luckyn-Malone

Richard Luckyn-Malone
  • Director
  • Company: Herminius

Richard Malone is a Director at Herminius, where he focuses on conflict and security. Richard started his career with the British Army, serving in Afghanistan, Iraq and other government roles across North Africa and the Middle East, where his main job was to support indigenous partner forces through training and discreet intelligence sharing. Given the time he spent on operations across the globe, Richard has developed an expertise in security and governance issues. Since moving to Herminius in 2018, Richard works on risk management issues for a range of banking, private equity, corporate and insurance clients, including regular security and political risk briefings to the London insurance market’s Joint War Committee. Richard is also a regular traveller to countries with complex or hostile environments to help clients understand their risks, whether it relates to personnel, equipment, facilities, or human rights, before working with the project operator to develop appropriate mitigation strategies.

Richard’s speciality areas of study include Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Islamist insurgency in northern Mozambique, piracy and maritime crime in the Gulf of Guinea, and Sino-American competition in the Indo-Pacific. Richard is a Major in the Army Reserves and is also an avid sailor, with over thirty thousand nautical miles of experience, including four Atlantic crossings and trips to Baffin Island and the Beagle Channel.

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